Why ABC8? - Because You Need To

Turbo Charge Your Collaboration

While there is a lot of work going on around CIP, QIPP and STPs, many Health Organisations are really struggling to deliver results in this high expectation, low funding, thinly staffed world.

How Are You Doing At Converting Projects Into Outcomes?

Let ABC8 build your networks and other commissioner connections to more efficiently develop your business activities and Business Cases; this saves you money and produces better outcomes.

By sharing analyses, plans and existing breakthroughs, ABC8 systems and services radically improve your Business Case lead times.

The bottom line is that we GUARANTEE significant financial savings AND improved outcomes and this starts within days of you joining forces with ABC8 and like minded peers.

ABC8 is a unique system that puts commissioners in contact with others working on similar priorities so everyone can collaborate and get work done more quickly and cheaply.

A Need For Commissioner Collaboration? YES

Check out our Team members who believe in the ABC8 Concept - this is not to be ignored...

What Makes ABC8 Different?

There are other "Collaboration" tools out there, so why is ABC8 different? Three big areas:

  • Simple design - less is more: ABC8 doesn’t have 1001 features that no-one would ever use, we’ve concentrated on keeping things simple and quick for busy health and care teams; health staff are too overwhelmed for complicated tools. Practical and simple is hard to design but absolutely essential.
  • The Big One - Bespoke matching of people to projects: Collaboration will only work at scale and be sustainable over the long term if you are smart (very smart) around matching people and their interests to groups and projects. Health staff are too busy to research. Systems have to be designed so that it is very easy for an individual to map their expertise and interest exactly so that they are ONLY aware of information / collaboration opportunities that are very important to them - there is no room for irrelevant information (even if brilliant) and this is down to the individual preferences. Almost all collaboration systems underestimate this, but not ABC8. ABC8 has mapped all the NHSE Qipp priority categories together with all the NHS functional areas, plus NHSRightCare Categories and made it very easy to manage the matching process.
  • Individual Incentivisation & Rewards: Understanding how the human brain works and performs best is really important. A simple "thank you" can be really powerful, but ABC8 develops this whole concept much further. Small successes that generate momentum (and dopamine in the brain) is what we need to develop a sustained culture change around collaboration...

These three features combine to improve efficiency and deliver better quality business cases.

Our Mission Is For Every Commissioner to think ABC8

when they need to:

  • Manage A Complex Business Case 
  • Collaborate With Other Commissioners

So That You Can Achieve:

  1. Better Outcomes 
  2. Tighter Timeframes - within 8 weeks rather than years!
  3. Less Resource And A Fraction Of The Cost.

Collaboration Options

ABC8 Free Access

Where we share useful tips and tricks and content from the Commissioning world.

ABC8 "Collabor8" Membership

Where organisations share their live projects and projects of interest. ABC8 maintain all ongoing activity and actively introduce commissioners so that they can share information.

ABC8 "Project" Membership

ABC8 do all the hard work for you to ensure fast and effective delivery. Plus big savings are GUARANTEED. 

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