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1. Business Case Cost Calculator tool 

a) Do you know how much a case is likely to cost you in production time? 

b) You should - it will make you think differently. It will make you think carefully about which ones you progress and which you don't (there are a lot that should not "pass go" that waste a lot of time and resources...)

c) Take 5 mins at the start of each case with this tool - then think, should we do this? Can we do it faster? Can we do it cheaper & better?

​download and watch the support video here:

​​2. Change Management tool 

a) Most people make lists with good intentions, but there is a huge gap between good intentions and actual delivery...

b) Use this tool to break your huge project into manageble chunks (eat the elephant one bite at a time). This is a great tool to use in 1:1s

c) Take 10 minutes at each stage of a project, think it through, get the buy in and your delivery success rates will dramatically increase.

download and watch the support video here: